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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 00:00
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Band Fraud — the art of deliberate deception for unlawful gain—is as old as history; the term "white-collar crime" was reportedly coined in 1939 by Professor Edwin Sutherland and has since become synonymous with the full range of frauds committed by one particular group of individuals. Today the con artists are more savvy and sophisticated than ever, engineering everything from slick guitar riffs to bad Bass playing just to make a buck. Here you can learn about one such band. We here at the department investigate, and will show you how to protect yourself from tapping your foot to getting out on the dance floor and shacking your booty. Common scams, and what to do if you think you've been victimized.

White Collar Crime is a jam band that blends Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B and anything else they can think of to throw into the mix. The improvisational force of lead guitarist Kerry Morris & Ken Miggins drives this powerful groove, supported by drummer Doug Wallace, and bassist Fernando Santomaggio. Led down different paths almost every time they play, The White Collar is not easily labeled. They are defined by their love of music and for each other. They capture show-goers not only with the sound, but also with the obvious pleasure the band feels while producing it. Shows are love feasts between audience and band, and run the range between Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers Band, Jeff Beck and much much more. White Collar Crime brings intensity to the stage that captures you and keeps you there!